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about lies holstein

lies holstein (bedum 1950) is a visual artist who lives and works in terwolde, the netherlands

she graduated in monumental architectural design/art in public place (1998) and in human geography / international and political development studies (1977)

and worked abroad and at home as a research & development consultant and as a politician on spatial planning, landscape, architecture and housing


about mapping space

on this site a selection of art works of lies holsteins ongoing project mapping space is shown

mapping space is about geography or biography of landscape in which 'time and place', 'rise and fall' are central themes

lies holstein sees the world as a façade, is interested in the relationship between public and private space, dialectics in constructions and destructions within both culture and nature; sees all together spatial structures

research on the image grammar of public space 

studies on color structures in public space, preliminary works on cartographics

abstract works on landscape, studies on archetypes in culture and nature

about photoworks

all works on this site are photoworks, inkjet prints on fine art paper on dibond with plexiglas front Diasec® 

editions vary from 1 to 10 

size of work is indicative, any work is adjustable to specific, local or architectural situations


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